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Our Social Responsibilities

  1. 1.Our legal responsibilities
    We carry out all our activities and transactions under the framework of the Turkish Republic laws and international law and we submit complete and understandable information to the legal regulatory institutions and organizations.
  2. 2. Our responsibilities towards our customers
    We carry out our activities based on an understanding that focuse on customer satisfaction and aim at meeting their needs and demands properly in the shortest time possible. We provide our services in a timely manner and under the conditions that we have promised; principles of respect honor justice, equality and courtesy guide us in our approach to our customers.
  3. 3. Our responsibilities towards the employees
    We ensure that our employees fully exercise their personal rights properly. We have a decent and fair approach towards our employees and undertake to create a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environments.
  4. 4. Our responsibilities towards our suppliers/business partners
    We treat them fairly and respectfully as is expected from a good customer. We exercise due care required to fulfill our obligations in a timely manner. We carefully keep the confidential information of the individuals and establishments with the people and companies we enter into business relationships
  5. 5. Our responsibilities towards our competitors
    We effectively enter into competition only in the legally and ethically allowed areas and always abstain from unfair competition.
  6. 6. Our responsibilities for the brand name Stillay
    We have gained the trust of our business partners, customers and other stakeholders thanks to our professional capability and decency. We try to maintain this prestige at the highest level.